(Corporate) Social

as a winning combination between business and society
Professional / responsible / long-term / measurable

At Pivovarna Laško Union Ltd. social responsibility is an integral component of our business strategy, corporate administration and business outlook. It models business excellence and our competitive advantage; our values and alternatives. And it binds us to activities leading to social benefits that are founded on knowledge and partnership. Sustainable development, social responsibility, sponsorship and innovation are the four pillars of our socially-responsible administration. We understand their business, social and communicative impact. We could call it a 'triple dividend' – for business, for the environment and for society.
Social responsibility requires a proactive approach, due to which it changes and improves our cultural organisation. Its importance is significantly way beyond the threshold of the company. It is a journey and not a destination and it puts people and high ethical standards in the foreground, building sincere partnerships. In this manner, we prove that we are a company who sees farther and deeper than our own problems and interests, focusing on our mission and values, which we do sincerely and consistently. We are a company that not only sponsors and donates, but educates. We believe in the power of great ideas and sincerity of intentions – in the name of a good partnership.

One of our strategic commitments is to strengthen social responsibility, as part of the DNA of our business, employees and business partners, with the guiding principle – work together, be important and put yourselves in the shoes of another.

The fundamental commitment to
corporate social responsibility

At Pivovarna Laško Union Ltd. we manufacture and bottle beer, refreshing soft drinks and water. High quality control and food safety are assured through implementation of ISO 9001, 14001 and IFS standards, and with their certification. We are committed to developing and manufacturing beer and other beverages that will meet all food industry requirements and the demands and expectations of customers and consumers.

We continuously seek to improve work efficiency in all our activities that influence business performance. We strive to improve the quality of beer and other beverages as well as the quality of service. We endeavour to develop successful relationships with suppliers and other business partners.

A fundamental commitment to employees

We are aware that a successful company is made up (consists) of successful individuals. We offer a creative working environment; support the corporate culture of respect, trust, friendliness, expertise and cooperation, which allows every employee to act out their potential and progress in both personal development and business career. We believe in leadership by setting examples and keeping values. If we step forward together, we can do it all.
Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers.

A fundamental commitment to the environment in which we work

We realise the importance of preserving the environment and follow the guidelines of sustainable development. In addition to providing high quality and safety of products, we ensure that we are responsible members of the community and the environment in which we operate. We will reduce negative impacts on the environment, so that we may make a more rational use of raw materials and energy.
We will comply with all legislative requirements in the field of beer and beverage production and in environmental health and safety. We will prevent any possibility of environmental pollution and the potential for occupational accidents or other incidents.
We believe that we are people in business – with them and for them. In addition to the exercise of employees, we also include customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners. This is achieved by active communication, information and training.
We keep in mind that success is a long-term and consistent strategy. Our sponsorships and donations are a long-term commitment to sports, culture, educational activities, environmental conservation, science, health care and various one-off projects. In particular, we are proud that our sponsorships and donations do not only support established excellence, but that we also give support to new and emerging projects.

We believe that one action is worth more than 10,000 promises. Not only do we support projects; we live them. Sponsorships are partnerships, which we fit into all segments of our business.

For sponsorships, donations and other social responsibility projects, over the past 6 years we have donated approximately 36 million Euros.

Proud supporter of Slovenian sport

At National level
Football Association of Slovenia, NZS www.nzs.si
Handball Federation of Slovenia, RZS www.rokometna-zveza.si
Basketball Federation of Slovenia, KZS www.kzs.si
Hockey Association of Slovenia, HZS www.hokej.si
Slovenian Ski Association, SLO SKI www.sloski.si
Olympic Committee of Slovenia, OKS www.olympic.si
Planica www.planica.si
Croatia Basketball Federation, HKS www.hks.hr
Slovenian Biathlon Team
Tennis Association of Slovenia, TZS www.tenis-slovenija.si

At Club level
Football Club Olimpija, NK Olimpija, www.nkolimpija.si
Football Club Maribor, NK Maribor www.nkmaribor.com

Handball Club Celje Pivovarna Laško, RK Celje Pivovarna Laško www.rk-celje.si
Basketball Club Union Olimpija, KK Union Olimpija www.union.olimpija.com
Basketball Club Laško Zlatorog, KK Laško Zlatorog www.kosarkarskiklub-lasko.si

Women’s Handball Club Krim

Hockey Club Jesenice www.hddjesenice.si
Hockey Club Olimpija www.hkolimpija.si

Ljubljana Marathon
Marathon Franja

Proud supporter of culture
Beer and Flowers Festival www.pivo-cvetje.si
Zlatorog Transversal – Let's go to the mountains www.gremovhribe.si
Cankarjev Dom www.cd-cc.si
Festival Ljubljana www.ljubljanafestival.si

Proud supporter of socially responsible projects
'Drink responsibly' & 'Brewing a better future'

Every cooperation begins with a first step. Pivovarna Laško Union Ltd. is a company open to the public. We actively participate with all stakeholders. We monitor your initiatives intently, collating ideas and search for a common story with the goal to become better every day. We do this sincerely, consistently and trust in establishing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.